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Team with high technical level of knowledge

Technology consulting and sales representative firm with more than 15 years of consolidated experience in the demand creation electronics and telecom markets.  


Our Experience

Developing business relationships from engineering department to key decision maker at customer organization. With enough technical sales experience and Metering, Telecom, IoT & SSL market knowledge, based on success stories at Mexico & Latin American countries; in fact Orkan Tek is your correct business partner. 


Why Orkan Tek?

  • Latin America market knowledge and customer relationships
  • Diversification and  connecting nodes with "non-common" customers
  • Customer influencing to specifying technology
  • All levels relationships development
  • State of the art promoter in energy, lighting, telecom and IoT ecosystems
  • Alliances and connecting common points to bring solutions
  • Focused line card to maximize possibilities

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Please reach out at your convenience so we  can discuss your project, interest or comment.

email: info@orkan-tek.com

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Mexico and Colombia

+1 619 5502795